Joy of Dancing

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Matisse DanceDancing is the world’s oldest art form, requiring neither technology nor skill in it simplest state, only the urge to express emotion with bodily movement. We see this in the iconic  Dance by Henri Matisse, the nude figures devoid of ornament,  their ruddy colour against the paler, cooler background representing a kind of wild, raw energy as they connect with the sky, the earth and nature. What antediluvian time Matisse set his imagery in, enlighten us, someone?

Whenever, dance now takes many forms, from simple folk dancing to the stricture of military marching and the discipline of classical ballet. It is in recognition of this need to move to music that we have decided to post this mini-catalogue of London’s free – yes, free – dance spaces. They all have individual restrictions, terms and conditions, and so forth. But get clicking and when you find the one that suits you and your group, put on your dancing shoes and tell US about it…

(Ed. 2017)


Royal Festival Hall Cloakroom Space, Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, London

Carpenters Dojo, Carpenters and Dockland Centre, Stratford Centre 98, Gibbins Road, London E15 2HU

Stratford Centre, 54a Broadway, London E15 1NG










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